The UKs largest brick fireplace chamber manufacturers.

The fastest lead times in the industry

We carry a large amount of stock, of our full range of brick Fireplaces chamber panels, allowing us to offer the industry leading delivery times. We can offer delivery to your depot or even direct to your customer, usually within 3-5 days from place of order.

Quality that is Guaranteed

All of our fire chamber panels are manufactured in our factory under strict quality control processes, thus combined with our use of genuine clay brick slips ensures we are able to give a 10 year guarantee on all our range of fire chambers.

Installed in Under 1 Hour

1.Prime the surface

Use Pro Prime to prepare the existing surface for Adhesive

2. Cut the panels to fit

Offer up the panels to the fireplace, and cut to size.

3.Apply Adhesive

Dot & Dab Slip-Fix Adhesive every 100mm

4. Push the panels firmly into place

Ensure the panels are firmly set into the adhesive.

What our Customers Say

We were receiving an increasing number of customer requests for brick slip surrounds, and our team were taking around 3-4 hours to install these after a lot of training, moving over to buying fireplace chambers has increased our productivity, and allows us to offer a wider range of options to the customer which has led to a healthy increase in revenue.

Time Saving – Increased revenue – Wider Options

T Dimav

Nationwide Installers & Retailers of Luxury Stoves

Some of our competitors were offering a brick slip installation service, and without retraining all of our install team, we could not match their offering. Now we have partnered with we can not only offer a wider range than our competitors, but at a more competitive price than them too!

Wider product Range – More competitive – No retraining required

M Smith

Log Burner & Stove Retailers & Installers