The Fireplace Chamber – An overview

A fireplace’s fireplace chamber is an important, but often forgotten part.

It’s much more fun to choose the surround or hearth. The interior is one of the most visible areas and can be seen even if the fire has not been lit. The finish you choose for your fireplace will have an impact on the appearance of the room, regardless of the type of fire.

The three main functions of the finish you choose are:

  1. Protection
  2. Decorative
  3. Heat radiation

There are many finishes available and each one will serve a different purpose. Here is a list that will help you make your choice.

Brick fireplace chamber

If your chamber’s internal brickwork is in good condition, this is the best option. You can either clean up the bricks and leave them exposed, or you can have a more modern setting. See this example room setting. They will still radiate heat into the room.

Fireplace chamber – render

A standard plaster render is not recommended as it will not be able to withstand heat from a fire, even if you are using a wood burner. The plaster will quickly become “blown” and cracks will occur.

There are specialist fireplace renderingsVitcas can be used if you’re installing your own fireplace, but a professional installer will use one that’s suitable. If you are looking for a smooth finish on your chamber, rendering is an excellent option.

After rendering the interior, it’s possible to paint it entirely in black using heat resistant paint. You can also do this over exposed brickwork.

Lining for fireplace chamber

A simple way to finish the chamber is to line it with fireboard. These boards are made of vermiculite and can withstand temperatures up to 1,000C when properly treated. The standard version of our product is ribbed and painted black. This is our most popular finish.

Fire boards can also be made in different designs and colors. Faux brick with arch and returns is a popular choice for a rustic or classic look. However, plainer boards are more modern and contemporary. You will find a variety of boards at the bottom of this page.

Fireplace chamber – panels

Cast iron panels can be purchased and are very durable. They can be used as a single back panel. These panels are excellent at radiating heat and provide the best protection for the interior. These are usually the most costly option. This back plate is an ornate one, but they can also be plain or ribbed.

Fireplace Chamber – tiles

Stone slabs and tiles can also be used. These can continue to emit heat long after the fire has been out. If you don’t want a dark room, stone slabs are a great alternative.

It is personal taste that matters when it comes down to designing. Your final choice for the fireplace chamber will depend on the style and type of surround you choose, as well as the decor of your room. After completing a site survey, your decision may be affected. Each fireplace is individual so there may be something that limits your options. The original brickwork is too damaged and heat exposure can cause more damage.

Get in touch if you have any questions regarding the interior of your chamber or would like to schedule a survey. I will be happy to help you.

For any assistance regarding your fireplace chamber or your project, call 01889 227183

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