Brick Fire Place FAQS

What is a fireplace chamber?

The fireplace chamber is generally referred to as the three walls inside the fireplace opening, the back and the sides.

The walls that surround the stove are the fireplace chamber.

While most people tend to focus on the hearth and surround of the fireplace, it is important that you do not overlook the fireplace chamber.

Because a fireplace chamber can be used for both aesthetic and practical purposes,

Why is the fireplace chamber important?

For a variety of reasons, it is important to pay attention to the fireplace chamber.

First, the chamber is the most visible area of your fireplace. It is especially noticeable when the stove is off. You can make your fireplace look less attractive if you have a fireplace chamber you don’t like.

A fireplace chamber has two other very useful purposes.

  • Protection.
  • Radiation from heat.

A fireplace chamber of high quality will protect the walls behind it and radiate heat into the living space in front of it.

What is the purpose of fireplace chambers?

A fireplace chamber typically has three panels. One panel is for each side of the fireplace cavity and one for its rear wall.

Side returns are also available for some fireplace chambers. These panels are placed on the chamber’s face and extend out from either side to give it a more complete look.

You can also buy fireplace chambers that have an ‘arch’ at the top of their opening. This helps create a more spacious fireplace chamber.

Modern fireplace chamber panels like those we stock at Direct Stoves are made of a vermiculite board to which is attached a decorative material such as brick or stone to give it a beautiful appearance.

We only use a BBA Certified Euroclass A1 fire rated panels. They are heat-resistant up to 1,000°C. It is the perfect material to enclose a fireplace’s interior.

It is much easier to use fireplace chamber panels than traditional methods for creating a fireplace chamber.

We’ve already mentioned that fireplace chamber panels can be used to alter the appearance of your fireplace. In the past, you might have to rebuild it completely.

What are the different types of fireplace chambers?

We recognize that everyone has different tastes in fireplaces. We stock a huge variety of fireplace chambers in a wide range of different brick options to suit any taste.

We have listed some of the most sought-after types of fireplace chambers.

Old Althorne Fireplace Chamber

Old Althorne Brick Fireplace Chamber


A rustic looking brick fireplace is the best choice for many. Why not make sure that the fireplace chamber is a traditional brick?

The fireplace chamber is made of real tumbled bricks and has a A1 fire rated backing. It will protect the walls behind it and also make it look great.

Like many other chambers on the market this one is made up of three panels: the rear and the sides. These panels can be cut to fit into your fireplace cavity walls.

Normandy Grey Fireplace Chamber

Normandy Fireplace Chamber


Maybe grey brick appeals to you more? Subtle grey brick fireplaces are an aesthetic choice that has a long history.

This Normandy grey Fireplace Chamber will help you create the fireplace look you want.

Each panel is handmade from real clay bricks. This fireplace chamber is similar to others, with the brick slips attached to a A1 Fire rated panel at the back. This provides heat radiation and heat protection.

All our fireplace chambers are handmade from genuine clay bricks so the colour of the brick slips and pointing may differ slightly from panel to panel.

Keswick Blend Fireplace Chamber

Keswick Blend Fireplace Chamber


This Keswick Blend Fireplace Chamber is a great option if you want to make a dark graphite fireplace.

It’s dark enough to make the stove stand out, especially when lit.

This fireplace chamber is made from Keswick Blend brick slips and attached to a A1 fire rated chamber panel board. It allows you to quickly complete your fireplace opening to an outstanding standard.

This fireplace chamber is available in three panels (rear, and two sides) and can be easily cut to size.

Herringbone Fire Chamber Fireplace

Herringbone Fireplace Chamber

Are you looking to create a feature fireplace? Perhaps you want it to be the focal point of the room?

A Herringbone Fireplace Chamber might be the best option.

This is an option for all of our brick fireplace chamber panel

This fireplace chamber is for those who want their stove to be the focal point, as you can see in the gallery page.

How do you build a fireplace chamber?

Installation is usually very simple if you buy the ready made fireplace chambers.

Traditional methods of changing the appearance of a fireplace chamber included removing old tiles, stonework, or brickwork. Sometimes, it was impossible for a fireplace chamber to be changed without completely rebuilding the fireplace.

Today, however it is easy to modify the appearance of your fireplace chamber by using our A1 rated fire panels that are attached with a choice of fantastic genuine clay bricks.

We have detailed instructions available to make the installation.

Make sure the area is well prepared

Things can get messy, just like any other work done on a fireplace. It is important to be careful and cover the floor and any furniture nearby with old blankets.

It is also important to have the right tools on hand. At the minimum, you will need a tape measure and a cutting instrument.

Take out the existing fireplace surround

It is important to remove the fireplace surround before installing a fireplace chamber into an existing fireplace.

When inserting the chamber, you will have easier access to the fireplace surround if you remove it.

This is fine to leave in place for the hearth. Your fireplace chamber panels should be aligned perfectly with your hearth.

Take measurements of the chamber panels

You should measure the fireplace cavity accurately, as the old saying goes.

Bricks may be used to bridge the gap between the chamber panels and the fireplace cavity if it is larger than the one you are planning to install.

Also, if you have a gap between the chamber panels, and the walls of your fireplace cavity, make sure there is something to fill that gap and keep the panels from moving.

If there is no gap between chamber panels and fireplace cavity, you can simply attach the chamber panels to the cavity walls.

Place the chamber panels.

The next step will depend on the dimensions of the fireplace cavity, and whether there is a gap between chamber panels and walls.

Heat cement can be used to fill the gap between the chamber panel & fireplace cavity wall. You will need to glue four bricks in each corner of the wall. 

This provides a solid base against which the chamber panel can sit.

Heat cement can be used to attach the panels to the cavities walls if there isn’t going to be any gap between the fireplace cavity walls, and the chamber panels.

The majority of people will first fix the rear panel or ‘back’, then the side panels. However, this is not a strict rule.

After that, you can place your fireplace surround again and you will have a beautifully finished fireplace.

These instructions can be used for fireplaces that have not had a stove installed. It is always a good idea to fit fireplace chamber panels before installing the stove.

There are other ways to improve your fireplace

There are many other ways to enhance the appearance of your fireplace, aside from installing a fireplace chamber.

You can enhance the appearance of your fireplace by installing a fireplace beam and a hearth made from high-quality materials.

These are practical and can make your fireplace or stove the focal point of your living room.

It’s time to update your fireplace.

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