Small Brick Fireplace Ideas


You may have considered a fireplace that emits heat if you lived in a cramped space. While some fireplaces may not be possible, like large wood stoves or small gas stoves, they can be installed in any size living area. You can have a fireplace in a small space with the right style and some tricks.


These are some of the most popular options for placing a brick fireplace within a small space.


Wall Mounted Fireplaces can be used as Electric Fireplaces. They are the most efficient option for small spaces, since they don’t need any floor space. These fireplaces provide electric heat and can be installed anywhere there is electricity. These fireplaces are extremely thin and do not require venting. This makes them an ideal solution for small spaces, and while combined with a brick fireplace lining can create the perfect solution for a real brick fireplace.


You probably think of a stove fireplace as one that needs venting and a lot of space. Modern Electric Stove Fireplaces require no wood or space, so they take up much less space. Because they are compact, you can put them wherever you need heat, and simply add a fire chamber panel behind the stove


A Corner Fireplace is the perfect choice if you want a fireplace, but don’t have an area to place it. Corner fireplaces can be placed in any corner at 90 degrees and will blend well into your living area. For more space and versatility, consider investing in a corner fireplace which doubles as a media console. brick fire place panels can be used on both walls to create a fantastic feature fireplace.


Gas-powered freestanding fireplaces can be placed almost anywhere. You can be creative with the location of freestanding fireplaces, aside from ensuring that there are adequate clearances between walls and hearths to protect your floors.


Media Console Fireplaces combine the best of both an entertainment console and built-in electric fireplaces. Because they do double duty, they are one of the most sought-after types of small fireplaces in small apartments and homes. They provide warmth and ambiance, as well as shelving that can store your entertainment items and a flat top for a TV. Our brick panels can be cut down and used in between the media panels to create that real brick effect wall.


You may need to spend some time decorating the fireplace depending on what type you choose. Here are some tips:

Make your fireplace stand out
You can add colour to your living room by using a fireplace. You can “stretch the room” by painting the lower half of your wall (including the fireplace) a darker shade and the top half of your wall a lighter one. You can paint just the fireplace an accent colour if you prefer less colour, but still want to bring out the fireplace. We have a range of brick colour options available, including grey bricks, red bricks, buff bricks, traditional handmade bricks, and modern bricks to suit any brick cladding project.

The fireplace area can be used as the main decoration
You have the opportunity to make a feature wall with a fireplace. You may have brick already installed, but you can install brick paneling along any wall in the house. To increase light and create a feeling of spaciousness, you could hang a mirror over the fireplace. You can also use the mantle to display plants or other valuable items, making better use of space.

Storage where possible
Small spaces can be difficult to store things, so make sure you use it as much as possible. You can use alcoves with a fireplace to make this a great option. Or you can choose a media console fireplace with storage and shelving built in.

You are looking for the perfect space-saving fireplace to fit into small spaces? Consider a multi-view gas fireplace. It can be installed directly in your home’s wall and provide warmth and ambience for up to three rooms. .

You may want to consider outdoor fireplaces if you don’t have the space for a fireplace. An outdoor fireplace for your patio or deck will give you the look and feel you desire while increasing the value and enjoyment of your outdoor space.

There are many outdoor fireplaces available. They can transform your backyard into a warm and inviting place for your guests in the winter and become the center of your outdoor entertaining space year round. Outdoor fireplaces will soon become the gathering place for your friends and provide endless entertainment for your entire family. All of our brick chamber panels are fully suitable for external use.

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